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(German ˈkoːblɛnts)
(Placename) a variant spelling of Koblenz


or Ko•blenz

(ˈkoʊ blɛnts)

a city in W Germany, at the junction of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. 110,300.
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At Coblenz we had a lovely time, for some students from Bonn, with whom Fred got acquainted on the boat, gave us a serenade.
CEO Nancy Coblenz, a successful techpreneur and business disruptor who created RRM in January 2017, conducts numerous exclusive interviews with rebels involved in a variety of fields.
Cardiff Arms Park Male Choir sang in wonderful venues such as Cologne and Ghent Cathedrals and stayed in picturesque and historical towns like Coblenz, Valkenburg and Bruges.
A sergeant of the 39th Infantry Regiment wrote to his father, "I will not mention the fourteen days hike from the Argonne woods to Coblenz, making anywhere from twenty to fifty four kilometers a day with full field equipment.
When offered the choice to remain in Paris or assignment to the Army of Occupation at Coblenz, Germany, Banker chose to leave Paris.
It was Henle's privilege to witness the origin and development of some of his compositions, and the musician became so attached to the scientist, that when he passed through Coblenz, he paid a special visit to Henle's family.
In the JSC category, JG van der Wath Secondary School received a bronze certificate while silver went to Coblenz Combined School.
Mallory's father, military man John Kane, inspires her to exact a brutal and bloody revenge but there are powerful men working against his daughter, including the well-connected Coblenz.
Marlene Dance UE received certificates on behalf of her husband, Wayne Dance UE, daughter, Corene Dance UE, and grandson, Alex Merritt Dance Coblenz UE, all in the name of Loyalist ancestor, Joseph Merritt UE.
and the William Tell Overture thundered on the soundtrack, the audience went absolutely crazy, recalls producer Walter Coblenz.
Mallory's father, military man John Kane (Bill Paxton), inspires his daughter to exact a brutal revenge but there are powerful men working against Mallory including the well-connected Coblenz (Michael Douglas).
They're sent on black ops missions by the US government's Coblenz (Douglas), like rescuing a Chinese journalist held hostage by terrorists in Barcelona, along with Banderas and Tatum.