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Noun1.Coca Cola - Coca Cola is a trademarked cola
cola, dope - carbonated drink flavored with extract from kola nuts (`dope' is a southernism in the United States)
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As part of tour around the country, of which Croydon is the last stop, visitors are given a free 150ml can of Coca Cola zero sugar, Diet Coke or Coca Cola Original Taste.
Investments such as the TCF Coca Cola Campus serve as enduring examples of how businesses can help accomplish this vision." said Zia Akhter Abbas, Vice President at The Citizens Foundation.
Owing to this exponential progress Coca Cola has continuously enlarged its brand portfolio in Pakistan.
25 January 2013 - Coca-Cola Femsa SAB de CV (MXK:KOFL), the bottler of Coca Cola in Mexico, said it had completed the USD688.5m (EUR515.3m) all-cash deal which gave it 51% in The Coca-Cola Companya[euro](tm)s (NYSE:KO) bottling unit in the Philippines.
Coca Cola announced the launch of Coca Cola Zero, an innovative new product that maintains the Coca Cola flavor, but is a completely sugar free beverage.Public Affairs & Communication Manager in the Middle East, Amer Ahmad, expanded on the decision to launch a new product: "The launch of Coca-Cola Zero comes as a result of a sustained effort over several years, during which our team was able to formulate a recipe that retains the same taste of original Coca-Cola, but in a sugar free form.
Coca-Cola Femsa, which had 2001 revenue of $1.72 billion, and Panamco, with 2001 revenue of $2.65 billion, will form the world's second-largest Coca Cola bottler.
Coca Cola Beverages announced details of its flotation on the London stock market yesterday - promising to double sales to nearly 200million people in central and eastern Europe.