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n.1.An imaginary country of idleness and luxury.
2.The land of cockneys; cockneydom; - a term applied to London and its suburbs.
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C'est le pays des cascades, mais c'est loin d'etre le pays de Cocagne.
beaucoup plus grand que]Le Maroc a enregistre des progres pouvant lui permettre de se positionner parmi les vingt premieres destinations touristiques au monde Mais, plus que cela, il est devenu aussi un pays de cocagne, une image de Californie du Maghreb, nouvelle frontiere a decouvrir et oE s'etablir.
Organic and nature products, much in demand in both countries, will be showcased by a host of participants: COCAGNE & Cie has founded its entire line of products upon the highly nourishing benefits of isatis oil.
Andrew Thomas, CEPA - May, Cocagne & King PC - Decatur, IL
Mauss a consacre ses trois dernieres annees d'enseignement au College de France (1937-1940) aux jeux, s'interessant plus particulierement au cerf-volant et au mat de cocagne polynesiens, ainsi qu'aux jeux amerindiens (Mauss 2003).
Vautour) Ouellet; three sons Louis Ouellet of Brookfield, MA, George Ouellet of Worcester and Alvin Ouellet of Brockton, MA; two daughters Louise Houston of Worcester and Diane Ouellet of North Brookfield, MA; a brother Jean Paul Ouellette of Cocagne, N.
KEY PERSONNEL: Jacques Mounier, president, board of trustees; Jean-Louis Dubuit, general manager; Jean-Pierre Vives, R&D general manager; Arnaud Maquinghen, sales and marketing general manager; Chystelle Ferrari, CFO; Olivier Cocagne, Europe sales director; Eric Chevy, area sales manager, East of Europe; Allaoua Aiouaz, area sales manager, Asia/Middle East/North Africa; Alexandra Biais, area sales manager, North America/Europe; Monique Paris, sales manager, Dubuit Canada; Frederic Blancher, general manager, Dubuit Shanghai; Jose Meyer, sales director, Tintas Dubuit; Phillippe Ayala, general manager, Dubuit Color.
73) Rather than a political utopia, Schlaraffenland, like its counterparts cocagne in French, cockaigne in English, or cuccagna in Italian, is above all a land of plenty, where all of one's physical needs are met, and hunger is easily satisfied--the overriding daily concern in most peasant communities.
WHEN/WHERE: The CCRM Conference will take place on 7 December, at the Dorint Sofitel Cocagne Eindhoven, Netherlands.
FOLLOWING on from Cocagne (the Portuguese mackerel fillets) and Colon (the Hong Kong chocolate bar), an email arrives to say: "The Hungarian word for cheese is sajt, which happens to be pronounced 'shight'.
The film was shot on location in Cocagne, New Brunswick, in 24 days with a budget, Southam notes, "of well under three million.