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Noun1.Coccyzus - a genus of CuculidaeCoccyzus - a genus of Cuculidae      
bird genus - a genus of birds
Cuculidae, family Cuculidae - includes cuckoo; ani; roadrunner
black-billed cuckoo, Coccyzus erythropthalmus - North American cuckoo; builds a nest and rears its own young
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It supports populations of the state endangered eastern massasauga (Sistrurus catenatus), state threatened Kirtland's watersnake (Clonophis kirtlandii), black-billed cuckoo (Coccyzus erythropthalmus) and Mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus).
Cuculiformes: Coccyzus melacoryphus "cuclillo grisaceo", presente ocasionalmente en zonas de vegetacion arbustiva densa a lo largo de los cursos de agua y en las vertientes andinas bajas; en Villa ha sido reportado por primera vez por Wust et al.
Russian olive, the woody plant in which the greatest percentage of nests at the Middle Rio Grande were constructed, is frequently used as a nest-site by other riparian-nesting birds including mourning dove (Zenaida macroura), yellow-billed cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus), southwestern willow flycatcher (Empidonax traillii extimus), and yellow-breasted chat (Icteria virens; Knopf and Olson, 1984; Stoleson and Finch, 2001).
maculosa G 10 35 Zenaida auriculata G -- -- Columbina picui G 113 115 Leptotila verreauxi G 2 6 Myiopsitta monachus FG 15 91 Coccyzus melacoryphus I 1 - Guira guira I - 9 Tapera naevia I 1 - Hydropsalis brasiliana I 1 - Sappho sparganura N - 6 Chlorostilbon aureoventris N 8 - Nystalus maculatus I 1 9 Colaptes melanolaimus I 2 2 Melanerpes cactorum I 3 - Picoides mixtus I - 1 Picumnus cirratus I 1 4 Lepidocolaptes I 3 - angustirostris Upucerthia certhioides I - 12 Furnarius rufus I 9 6 Coryphistera alaudina I - 6 Cranioleuca pyrrhophia I 6 7 Asthenes baeri I 1 - Synallaxis frontalis I 3 - S.
A nestling yellow-billed cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus) of unknown sex was found at the base of a tree, unable to fly, and subsequently was presented to the Wildlife Hospital of Louisiana.
Only two mature forest bird species were not recorded as probable breeders in the regrowth forests: the black-billed cuckoo (Coccyzus erythrapthalmus) and cerulean warbler (Dendroica cerulean).
La gran mayoria de las especies no detectadas son migratorias de larga distancia o locales (25 especies), muchas de ellas apenas vistas una o dos veces a lo largo de los anos, como son los patos del genero Aythya, halcones migratorios del genero Falco, dos especies de Coccyzus, varios Scolopacidae y Charadriidae, etc., por lo que parecen hacer un uso ocasional de las islas o pueden ser consideradas como errantes.