Cochin China

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Cochin China 1

A region of southern Indochina including the rich delta area of the Mekong River. Originally a part of the Khmer Empire, it fell to the Annamese in the 1700s and to the French in the 1800s. The region forms the southern part of present-day Vietnam.

[Ultimately from Portuguese Cauchichina : archaic Malay Kuchi, Vietnam (akin to Vietnamese Giao Chỉ, Annam, from a Chinese source equivalent to Mandarin Jiāozhǐ) + Portuguese China, China.]

Cochin China 2

See Cochin2.
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Cochin China

(Placename) a former French colony of Indochina (1862–1948): now the part of Vietnam that lies south of Phan Thiet
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Noun1.Cochin China - Asian breed of large fowl with dense plumage and feathered legscochin china - Asian breed of large fowl with dense plumage and feathered legs
domestic fowl, fowl, poultry - a domesticated gallinaceous bird thought to be descended from the red jungle fowl
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The captain as often as possible put up his sails, and under the double action of steam and sail the vessel made rapid progress along the coasts of Anam and Cochin China. Owing to the defective construction of the Rangoon, however, unusual precautions became necessary in unfavourable weather; but the loss of time which resulted from this cause, while it nearly drove Passepartout out of his senses, did not seem to affect his master in the least.
My partner endeavoured to encourage me by describing the several ports of that coast, and told me he would put in on the coast of Cochin China, or the bay of Tonquin, intending afterwards to go to Macao, where a great many European families resided, and particularly the missionary priests, who usually went thither in order to their going forward to China.
From New Orleans, the author takes the reader to Argentina, Chile, and Mexico and the interventions of Joel Poinsett; next comes Edmund Roberts and his remarkable work in Cochin China, Siam, and Muscat.
Jampoler draws into our scope of vision American navy presence in Manila, South China, Cochin China (Vietnam), Siam (Thailand), Oman, Mozambique, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Batavia (Jakarta), and Singapore, through the voyages made by USS Peacock and USS Boxer from March 1832 to May 1834 and USS Peacock and USS Enterprise from April 1835 to November 1837.
The Captain-Generals (Governor-Generals) while supervising the evangelization of the Philippines had their sights strained on the Moluccas, China, Japan, and, believe it or not, Cambodia, Siam, and Cochin China as well.
"The entrance to Saigon [Sai-G6n] is by the Cocoa-nut Bay and then up one of the many branches of the river Me-Kong [Me-K6ng], which flows through the delta of Cochin China. The time of my visit was unfortunate, for the Tonquinese war was going on, and cholera was causing great ravages amongst the people.