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 (kŏk′lē-ə, kō′klē-ə)
n. pl. coch·le·ae (-lē-ē′, -lē-ī′) also coch·le·as
A spiral-shaped cavity of the inner ear that resembles a snail shell and contains nerve endings essential for hearing.

[Latin, snail shell, from Greek kokhliās, snail, from kokhlos, land snail.]

coch′le·ar adj.
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Adj.1.cochlear - of or relating to the cochlea of the ear; "cochlear implant"
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adj coclear
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Amman, July.31 (Petra)-- His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II on Wednesday checked on the quality of services at the Cochlear Implant Unit at Al Hussein Medical Centre, part of the Crown Prince Foundation's (CPF) Hearing Without Borders initiative.
Health Canada has approved Advanced Bionics (AB)the HiRes Ultra 3D Cochlear Implant.
Throughout the United States a significant number of deaf children are receiving cochlear implants, and also using a visual language such as American Sign Language.
Some people are more profoundly deaf and this is where cochlear implants come in.
The seven-year-old girl was being operated on by a Qatari medical delegation, to have a cochlear device surgically implanted into her head.
Cochlear implantation (CI) in contemporary world is accepted as the standard of care for patients with severe cochlear hearing loss.
MED-EL, a global technology company, in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) organised "The Future of Education for Cochlear Implant Users in Egypt" roundtable, following the visit of a high-level Austrian delegation to Egypt from 18 to 20 February.
DUBAI/UAE -- The recent funding cuts to cochlear implant programmes will affect the welfare of the children of Pakistan and their future.
Cochlear Implants: Audiologic Management and Considerations for Implantable Hearing Devices (online access included)
KARACHI -- International Medical Relief Agency (IMRA) a UK registered charitable organization in collaboration with Memon Medical Institute Hospital (MMIH) implanted six free of cost cochlear to poor patients at MMIH.
Cochlear implant (CI) electrode design has undergone several changes in the past decade from all the three Food and Drug Administration-approved CI manufacturers with the ultimate goal of preserving the delicate structures inside the cochlea [1].
A cochlear implantation for children with hearing problems is introduced in Kyrgyzstan for the first time, said the director of the National Center for the Protection of Motherhood and Childhood Kamchybek Uzakbayev at a press conference in Bishkek on November 15.