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 (kŏk′tēz′) or cock·teas·er (-tē′zər)
n. Vulgar Slang
A person who intentionally arouses a male sexually but chooses not to have sex with him.
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She pictured accusations hanging in the air, the words themselves: Whore, Rapist, Slut, Molester, Pervert, Cradle-Robber, Bitch, Cocktease, Nympho, Freak.
He'd been nursing a gin and tonic, cracking wise, one bleary eye on his daughter but the other following the shapely ass and pert tits of the dark-haired cocktease who taught third grade.
It is this same look of dumbfounded incredulity and awe that the characters in Boogie Nights display when they see Dirk's penis, and the same technique of performing a cocktease on the audience.
I think of Ernest Hemingway when I see him because he has this boxer thing he does on the floor, hopping like crazy and flailing his fists around, that and he punched me in the chest once, right after he called me a flirt or cocktease, some name like that.