Cocoa shells

the husks which separate from the cacao seeds in preparing them for use.

See also: Cocoa

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A highly debated form of mulch is cocoa shells. The theobromine in chocolate is toxic to pets and the shells of the cocoa beans retain a little.
Mulch permanent containers with a 3-5cm layer of cocoa shells or gravel to cut down moisture loss.
Mulch | permanent containers with compost topped with a layer of gravel or cocoa shells to cut down moisture loss.
Other choice mulches include garden compost, spent mushroom compost, cocoa shells, wood chippings, processed conifer bark, straw for strawberries and seaweed.
COCOA shells and any product made from cacao beans, including chocolate, are harmful to dogs and cats if they eat it.
For instance, at Barry Callebaut, cocoa shells are burned at factories to reduce on-site gas or fuel consumption.
BAD MARKS: Avoid lawns LOVE IT: Cats adore catnip COVER UP: Banish weeds SNUG: Build a sunny spot Cocoa shells Monkshood Lilies JOY: Eunice DECK IT OUT: Animal friendly surfaces PURR-FECT: Cats love a spot that's a sun trap
This growth media is a mixture of agricultural materials, such as straw from horse stables, hay, poultry litter, ground corn cobs, cottonseed hulls, cocoa shells, peat moss, and other natural organic substances.
Put a mulch on the surface of the pot - it can be anything from gravel or cocoa shells to slate shards or glass aggregate.
Furthermore, the removal of lead results in an increase in solution pH (removal of protons) and the release of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium from the cocoa shells (Meunier et al.
If you've won the pools, you could even use bags of those over-priced cocoa shells and chipped bark.