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Noun1.Cocus - (Greek mythology) one of the Titans
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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Now from the Hoorentse islands to the Cocus or Verraders island, discovered by Willem Schouten, we reckon still more to eastward 8[degrees]15' so that for the longitude of Coques and Verraders island we get 194[degrees].
Quant a la comedie, elle est precisement ce possible, le choix de la vie contre le melodrame--et aussi bien contre la tradition du film comique francais, ou le << cocu >> ridicule est un des poncifs favoris.
Cocus non satis est ars sola coco: servire palatum nolo: cocus domini debet habere gulam.
Its standard selection of palms comprises Tropical Date, Washingtonia Fan, Cocus and the new Areca Palm.
MD Fayaz King said the tower is particularly designed and masked to look like a Cocus Plumosa Palm tree so as to mix in with its natural environment.
1 2 Bunchosia 9 macrophylla Castilla elastica 1 Cecropia insignis 3 Cecropia 69 7 97 obtusifolia ** Cocus nucifera ** 8 4 Cordia alliodora 1 2 1 Coussapoa villosa 57 21 65 Cupania cinerea 1 1 Erythrina 1 1 poeppigiana Ficus sp.
A agua de coco, proveniente do fruto Cocus nucifera, e uma solucao esteril, ligeiramente acida, contendo proteinas, sais, acucares, vitaminas, fatores de crescimento (fitormonios) e poucos fosfolipidios (Nunes, 1995), sendo estas, caracteristicas que a classifica como um bom diluidor para o semen.
However, some of the alleged instances of verbal echoing are pressed too far in my opinion (the connection between coco, the ablative for cocus, at 74.
Coir fibre from the Coconut Palm, Cocus nucifera, now seen as a potting compost is made into ropes.
INCI name: Water (and) hypnea musciformis extract (and) gellidiela acerosa extract (and) cocus nucifera (coconut) extract