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Noun1.Cocus - (Greek mythology) one of the Titans
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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Serve tambem para efeito de planejamento da coleta de frutos grandes como os das especies: Cocus nucifera (coqueiro), Mangifera indica (mangueira), Pachira aquatica (castanha-domaranhao) e Annona muricata (graviola).
Khartoum, 18 Juillet (SUNA) - 54 pays et 108 personnes representant les ministres des finances aux pays africains, gouverneurs des banques centrales en Afrique ainsi que des institutions internationales financieres participent a la reunion du 'COCUS Africain' qu'accueille Khartoum de 3-4 Septembre prochain .
Estas modificacoes promovem maior atividade antibacteriana, como por exemplo, maior eficiencia contra a Psedomonasaeruginosa e Cocus Gram positivas.
Licuri oil is similar to the coconut palm (Cocus nucifera, Lin) oil (BONDAR, 1938), with 83.2% short- and medium-chain fatty acid content (QUEIROGA et al., 2010).
tessellata was the most frequently collected species, which did not happen in coconut Cocus nucifera L.
The H-oleosins were absent in seed oil bodies of many plants like Vernicia fordii, Camellia oleifera, Citrus sinensis, Cocus nucifera and Prunus dulcis.
I would like the Welsh Government, and Anglesey politicians to also consider if the upgrading of the Britannia Bridge is to be realised in the future - that they also consider raising the Four Stone Lions made famous by the Welsh Bard Cocus, that lie alongside the railway tracks under the roadway.