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a.1.Relating to a codex, or a code.
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The new catalog of Maya hieroglyphs, volume 2: the codical texts, xii+308 pages, 5 figures, 3 tables.
In discussion of the many different activities portrayed in the codices he concludes that the largely domestic activities in which codical goddesses were portrayed such as spinning, weaving, sending water from above, holding children and cohabitating with other deities all 'accord well with the exploits, functions, and character of the moon goddess' (Thompson 1939: 163).
But there are clear-cut differences between the two situations: 1) Maya mathematics and calendrics, in which the Classic and codical texts are imbedded, have been well-understood since the mid 19th century; 2) the Maya inscriptions are numerous, often lengthy, and encode complete sentences; 3) the Maya languages involved are well known; 4) realistic, narrative pictures accompany most texts; 5) the cultural context is rich and detailed, and many aspects of it survived the Spanish Conquest; and 6) there is an important bilingual, the explanation of the writing system in Bishop Landa's Relacion (even though this was ignored or misunderstood until the 1950s discoveries of Knorosov).