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n.1.Joint efficiency; coöperation.
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5) In our study, despite being with lower coefficiency values, we found negative and significant correlations between the thicknesses of retinal layer measured at 1 mm distant to fovea centralis and drug consumption duration, cumulative dose of drug, dose of drug per kilogram of actual and lean body masses.
Variables were entered as categorical variables, except for age and waist circumference Risk factors Beta P value OR 95% CI coefficiency Age (year) 0.
Our highly efficient solar modules are showing excellent temperature coefficiency performance when tested by Photon Laboratory.
L]), and the relative coefficiency (R) are listed in Table 3.
The under-body has been given the same treatment, resulting in a smooth, flat surface that offers the best drag coefficiency in its class to help improve stability and greatly reduce wind noise.
Physics, for example, has a low coefficiency of social construction in contrast to, say, psychology.
This approach can be used reliably to analyze volatile compounds in hardy kiwifruit with a correlation coefficiency of greater than 0.