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n.1.Joint efficiency; coöperation.
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Correlation of the apparent diffusion coefficiency values on Diffusion-weighted imaging with prognostic factors for breast cancer.
The idea was that reductions in inequalities would be the prerequisite for the allocation of doctors in the poorest municipalities as the distribution of income was based on the Gini Coefficiency for 20107.
So ultimately ACORD is forms and standards, but it's about helping you with work coefficiency.
5) In our study, despite being with lower coefficiency values, we found negative and significant correlations between the thicknesses of retinal layer measured at 1 mm distant to fovea centralis and drug consumption duration, cumulative dose of drug, dose of drug per kilogram of actual and lean body masses.
Variables were entered as categorical variables, except for age and waist circumference Risk factors Beta P value OR 95% CI coefficiency Age (year) 0.
For both factors on the SCAP scale the coefficiency of Cronbach's alpha has been calculated: (CP) Crombach's alpha = .
Students use SolidWorks to design a racing car, then analyse its drag coefficiency using computational fluid dynamics software.
Work values were confirmed to have a high influence and a negative coefficiency variance on turnover intention.