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n.1.(Anat.) A cavity.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Classification chaos in coelia disease: Does it really matter?
(Ex foeminis Pasiphae, Ariadne, Berenice, Hermione, Briseis, Penelobe, Deidamira, Ersilia uxor Rouli, Ero, Virginia, Anaxarete, Antigone, Arachne, Arethusa, Arsinoe, Polyxena, Pelagia, Lycaste, Iocasta, Hecuba, Cassandra, Hesperie, Cleopatra, Coelia, Ilia, Sybillae, Vestales.
In his Sonnets to the fairest Coelia (1593), (21) also published anonymously, William Percy, in the false modesty typical of the period, calls his poems 'toyes' and claims he wrote them for himself alone.
Dame Coelia, a virtuous matron who lives in the House of Holiness.
This pattern was observed for several groups in this family, such as Arpophyllum, Bletia, Chysis, Coelia, Hexalectris, Isochillus and Ponera, and for one of the oldest groups in Orchidaceae, namely the subtribe Cypripedioideae.
Coelia Nain fod y copr oedd yn y geiniog yn sicr o fy ngwella gan i rywun yn y teulu, oedd wedi gweithio yng ngwaith copr Amlwch yn niwedd y 19eg ganrif ddarganfod fod iachad wedi dod iddo ar Ol rhwbio ei lygad ddolurus gyda dwylo (heb eu golchi) tra'n gweithio efo'r copr!