Coffea canephora

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Noun1.Coffea canephora - native to West Africa but grown in Java and elsewhere; resistant to coffee rust
coffee tree, coffee - any of several small trees and shrubs native to the tropical Old World yielding coffee beans
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Respecto a nematodos los productores mencionan dos formas: implementacion de injertos con patron de Coffea canephora P.
Isotermas de sorcao de agua de frutos de Coffea canephora.
The local coffee of the province is made mostly of robusta from the coffea canephora plant, with low acidity and high bitterness.
Isotermas de sorcao de agua de frutos de Coffea canephora [Sorption isotherms of fruits of Coffea canephora].
2004 Drought tolerance in relation to protection against oxidative stress in clones of Coffea canephora subjected to long-term drought.
In their work, the researchers found that the sequences and positions of the genes in Coffea canephora, the coffee plant commonly referred to as Robusta, evolved independently from genes with similar functions in tea and cocoa, which also make caffeine.
Pollination of Coffea canephora in relation to local and regional agroforestry management.
Cultivares de Coffea arabica (cafe arabica) como Typica, Caturra Rojo, Borbon, Mundo Novo, MIDA 96 y Geisha, y la Coffea canephora (Cafe Robusta), con cultivos de cafe Caracolillo y Robusta mejorado se cultivan en Panama para fines comerciales.
Mae'r rhan fwyaf o goffi parod yn cael ei wneud o gymysgedd o Coffea arabica a Coffea canephora.