n.1.A dealer in cogware or coarse cloth.
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org, Bryan Cogman, one of the series writers, mentions that he missed the romantic-sensuous aspect of Brienne and Jaime's relationship, but other crew members brought it to his attention:
THE IN E INVISIBLELIBRARY RY R GENEVIEVE COGMAN The Invisible Library is a place that exists in the void between parallel universes.
The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman Published: Tor UK Priced PS7.
Rating The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman Published: Tor UK Priced PS7.
Cogman argues that most transmission networks are natural monopolies due to the technical complexity of their operation (Cogman 2001:2).
Roberta Jones, Barbara Cogman, Elizabeth Trimble and Natalie Cottle.
Louis Chapter; or Johnsie Cogman in Washington, DC; or Joe Tor-sani.
Cogman has served as a senior counselor with PulsePoint Group since the firm's founding.
COGMAN, Peter, 'Wilde's Salome: Tenses, Tension and Progression in Salome's Final Monologue', in Harkness, Nigel, et.
On the predicted time-line of transition to full tradability, see Ahn and Cogman (2007).
Steve Clark, who organised the event with Spridget 50 chairman Jeremy Cogman, said: "It's been a fantastic event with so many visitors taking a look at the world's largest collection of Sprites and Midgets.
Cogman will move from his senior management role at Burson-Marsteller to a new post as the company's Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, effective October 1.