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 (nō′ə-trō′pĭk, -trŏp′ĭk)
Enhancing or improving cognitive function: a nootropic drug; nootropic supplements.
A nootropic drug or other agent.

[Coined in 1972 by Romanian psychologist and chemist Corneliu E. Giurgea (1923-1995) : Greek noo-, combining form of nous, mind + -tropic.]
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(Pharmacology) (of a drug) acting on the mind, in such a way as to improve cognitive function
(Pharmacology) a nootropic drug
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Cognitive enhancement in children and adolescents: Is it in their best interests?
Just imagine a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that has been 'Wonka-nized' into a natural, yummy yogurt concentrated on a spoon and fortified with DHA and MCTs to provide energy from fat and DHA for cognitive enhancement." NOT Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is completely vegan and contains no peanuts, instead relying on natural California almond butter for its flavor.
Ms Prochazkova added: 'Apart from its benefits as a potential cognitive enhancement technique, microdosing could be further investigated for its therapeutic efficacy to help individuals who suffer from rigid thought patterns or behaviour such as individuals with depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder."
It was relatively easy to set up a survey of cognitive enhancement in the university setting and we showed that far fewer students were taking ADHD drugs for cognitive enhancement, on a consistent basis, than the papers were claiming.
This study, published in the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement, follows up on previous work by the same group of researchers at the University of California in 2011.
In the present study, we developed a cognitive enhancement fitness program (CEFP) based on the principle of exercise-induced improvements in cognitive performance.
This may have a positive impact on the use of the medication particularly since it is being used for cognitive enhancement. Since no demyelination was seen, it is possible that the dosage of 200 mg/kg and 600 mg/kg was not sufficient to increase levels of NO in the brain.
12, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- For adults with autism spectrum disorder, cognitive enhancement therapy (CET) is associated with significant differential increases in neurocognitive function relative to enriched supportive therapy (EST) and increased likelihood of gaining competitive employment, according to a study published recently in Autism Research.
The study published in the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement suggests it is possible to train the brain like other body parts -- with targeted workouts.
The researchers pointed out that both modafinil and methylphenidate are approved for other conditions and must be used off-label for cognitive enhancement, and cautioned that the drugs are associated with significant side effects.
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