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n. pl. Ko·hens or Ko·ha·nim (kō′hä-nĭm) Judaism
A male Jew belonging to a patrilineal line claiming descent from Aaron. Kohanim served as priests in ancient Judaism, and present-day Kohanim are accorded special status in Orthodox Judaism.

[Hebrew kōhēn, priest; akin to Aramaic kāhnā and Ugaritic khn.]


(kɒˈhɛn; kɔɪn) or


(Judaism) Judaism a member of the priestly family of the Tribe of Levi, descended from Aaron, who has certain ritual privileges in the synagogue service
[from Hebrew, literally: priest]
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The "General Trustee" supports the efforts of the Ateret Cohanim Association in Silwan, which controls the Benbenci Waqf, under the pretext of being established 120 years ago.
The center said members of the right-wing Jewish group Ateret Cohanim handed the judicial order on Sunday to the family of deceased Saeed Odeh asking them to leave the building, for allegedly being constructed on a plot which has been the property of Jewish individuals since 1889.
In August, a Jerusalem court approved the purchase of the property by Ateret Cohanim - a settler group that has been working for decades to evict Palestinians from their homes and shops in the Old City.
En la Ciudad Vieja, concretamente en torno al Muro de las Lamentaciones, grupos como Elad o Ateret Cohanim, financiados igualmente por donantes israelies y extranjeros, sobre todo estadunidenses, realizan acciones muy similares.
Recently, the Israeli-run District Court in Occupied Jerusalem upheld three real-estate deals between the Greek Orthodox Church and Ateret Cohanim, a colonist group seeking to boost Jewish numbers in occupied Jerusalem.
Most famously, statistically significant percentages of Cohanim (male Jews of putative priestly descent) from Jewish populations around the world share a genetic marker known as the Cohen Modal Haplotype.
According to a statement by Wadi Hilweh Information Center, the settlers, who are also members of the far-right Jewish organization Ateret Cohanim, broke the doors and took over a new built Palestinian- owned house.
A small group of activists from the Ateret Cohanim settler organization moved into the building on Thursday.
Summary: Known as Priestly Blessing, ceremony involves Jews from Cohanim priestly caste gathering to bless crowds in ritual which dates back to biblical times.
Mojgan Cohanim Lancman has become the first Iranian-American ever known to win elected office in New York.
Jim Eccelstone was the one who started this all off," said Cindy Cohanim, special projects manager at Calstone.
1% in Sephardic Cohanim (descendants of Jewish priests) and among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Israelites at 13.