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coinfection, co-infection

n coinfección or co-infección f
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Implementation flow of TB/HIV coinfection management in specialized care services in Ceara, Brazil, 2015 Health programs and policies --State Tuberculosis Control Program / State STD/AIDS Program (Health Promotion and Protection Office, Secretariat of Health of Ceara, Brazil) --TB/HIV coinfection management policy [down arrow] Problems and barriers to implementation Difficulties in terms of acceptance and utilization of the protocol for managing TB/HIV coinfections in Ceara's specialized care services: 1.
Further optimization of the polymerase chain reaction conditions is needed to achieve the best efficacy of detecting coinfections.
reviewed what's known about babesiosis-Lyme disease coinfections at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology.
Tenders are invited for the purpose of this funding opportunity announcement is to expand the use of high-throughput genotyping, genomic sequencing, and related genomic technologies, and generate resulting data resources widely available for research use, to improve the efficacy and safety and ease of use of hiv/aids therapies and of non-hiv drugs used to treat hiv/aids patients, and to reduce hiv/aids-related comorbidities, coinfections, and complications.
6) Several studies have also demonstrated that such coinfections present a major risk for liver fibrosis progression and subsequent evolution to cirrhosis.
In addition, tick-transmitted coinfections are now increasing with both unknown and newly discovered pathogens that complicate differential diagnosis and antimicrobial treatment.
After describing the methodology and process of developing the guidelines, chapters cover background on the disease, then recommendations for non-invasive assessment of liver disease stage, who to treat and who not to treat, first and second-line antiviral therapies, when to stop treatment, monitoring, prevention, and management considerations for coinfections, children, pregnant women, and others, as well as implementation considerations for national programs.
In fact, we have found that good clinical outcomes only occur when nutritional deficiencies, electromagnetic pollution, toxic load, gut dysbiosis, immune dysfunction, coinfections, and hormonal imbalances are addressed.
MRI could detect the disease process as efficiently as that of serological and CSF studies along with its coinfections.
Natural Treatments for Lyme Coinfections: Anaplasma, Babesia, and Ehrlichia" by Stephen Harrod Buhner (Senior Researcher for the Foundation for Gaian Studies) is a 448 page guide to the natural treatment of three coinfections of Lyme disease and includes reviews the latest scientific research on Babesia, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma; reveals how these three conditions often go undiagnosed, complicate the treatment of Lyme disease, and cause symptoms from headache to seizures; and outlines effective natural treatments with herbs and supplements for specific symptoms and to combat overreactions of the immune system and the inflammation response.
Of the 1,027 unique individuals represented in the dataset, 934 appeared once only, while 93 (9%) had repeat entries (either single infections or coinfections with gonorrhea and chlamydia).