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n.1.One who dwells with another, or with others.
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The test would prevent a defendant's right to security in his home or property from being violated without some notice, and would protect a third party's interest in shared property from being imposed upon by a criminal coinhabitant.
And, with the analytical tools now available, we don't have to wait until that century has passed to see change but can project from today into that future to establish management decisions that will preserve, and nurture, our planet's coinhabitants.
Ladies and gentlemen, if it is true that international law embodies our consensus as coinhabitants in a single, global community, then it stands to reason that violating it means flouting not just a single nation, but the entire community of nations," he said.
The first section, "Earth Elegy," images the range of species that share Earth with us and recommends that we see ourselves not as directors but as coinhabitants.