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 (kə-hō′nāz′, kō-hō′nĕs)
pl.n. Vulgar Slang
1. The testicles.
a. Boldness or courage.
b. Presumptuousness; nerve.

[Spanish, pl. of cojón, testicle, from Vulgar Latin *cōleō*cōleōn-, from Latin cōleī, testicles, perhaps a colloquial variant of *culleī and akin to culleus, leather sack, probably a borrowing from an unknown Indo-European language of the Mediterranean and akin to Greek koluthron, ripe fig (perhaps originally "sacklike thing"), koluthroi, testicles, and koleon, sheath; see coleopteran.]


pl n
1. (Anatomy) testicles
2. manly courage
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The BHA's disciplinary panel is also worthy of praise for showing the necessary cojones to bin the ban.
The thinkers at stv found the cojones to gamble beyond the Postcode Lottery and play their ace card.
45 was all about balls - or cojones as they call them out here in Sin City.
It takes cojones to withstand the pressure when the climax of an otherwise moribund series turns into a 'nipper'.
At some point in recent months they have become separated from their cojones.
So how, I wondered as I sat waiting for the lights to go green, would someone do who had no cojones at all?
But now he's found his voice and his cojones, Tony wants us to lay off these two notoriously shy and fragile fragrant flowers ASAP.
And if Rooney has a poor season and does not get into double figures as a central striker for United, then Hodgson and Gary Neville need to have the cojones to tell him he has to earn his place back.
Isn't it time someone in the Unionist camp found the cojones to challenge the SNP to "bring it on"?
By the time the closing credits rolled, my cojones almost felt like they'd grown back completely.
Character is about having the cojones to keep plugging away when you're having a bad day.
But Jara had previously been caught going for another 'hole in one' with Argentina's Gonzalo Higuain and grabbing Suarez's cojones.