Cola acuminata

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Noun1.Cola acuminata - tree bearing large brown nuts containing e.g. caffeine; source of cola extract
cola extract - a flavoring extracted from the kola nut
Cola, genus Cola - large genus of African trees bearing kola nuts
cola nut, kola nut - bitter brown seed containing caffein; source of cola extract
nut tree - tree bearing edible nuts
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General Director of King Fahd Causeway, linking Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Sulaiman Al-Belaihid, said customs officers have intercepted the smuggling of 363 bottles of wine, alcoholic beers, 963 kilograms of Cola acuminata which are a forbidden fruit in Saudi Arabia.
The genus comprises about 140 species and the most commonly consumed is Cola acuminata (Pal.
biglobosa [18]; 44.3% in Cola acuminata, 37.8% in Garcinia kola and 50.5% in A.