n.1.One who labors with another; an associate in labor.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They mention five: (1) one's calling is to be a colaborer with God in social transformation, (2) God works through people of varied faith backgrounds and through religious and secular institutions, (3) a broken world creates complications, (4) faithful Christian living cannot be captured by rules, and (5) business is both a target and an agent of transformation.
through what often seem like the eyes of a colaborer. The long and
More important, Legge set standards for missionary scholarship among Chinese missionaries and supported the pastor-scholar role of his colaborer Ho Tsun-sheen.
The church "was appropriately draped in mourning and was well filled by the residents of the locality and colaborers of the late Representative."
Of Bruce, Dennis, and Thomas, D'Amico wrote: I pay tribute to these ministers of the gospel, my sisters in Christ, my colaborers in the Kingdom, my encouragers for mission, the workers who sustain ministry with their energy, creativeness, patience, long suffering, deprivation, and constancy.
The latter is an especially good thing since six of her colaborers are kin.
One figure remains infinitely alone: Bishop Lamy, separated from his diocese and colaborers, an anachronism.
Instead, the overwhelming majority of those whom she interviewed were competent, conscientious individuals who took pride in their roles as mothers and as colaborers with their spouses in crop production.
1:4), God has graciously chosen to call humanity as colaborers in causing that creation to achieve the full flowering of its potential beauty and bounty.
First, "studying the history of Christianity provides repeated, concrete demonstration concerning the irreducibly historical character of the Christian faith." (31) In other words, to study church history is to "continually remember the historical character of Christian faith." It is to take seriously the events of the incarnation and the notion that we are colaborers with God.