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Noun1.Colchicaceae - one of many subfamilies into which some classification systems subdivide the Liliaceae but not widely accepted: genera Colchicum and Gloriosa
liliid monocot family - family of monocotyledonous plants of the subclass Liliidae; mostly herbs usually with petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistils
family Liliaceae, Liliaceae, lily family - includes species sometimes divided among the following families: Alliaceae; Aloeaceae; Alstroemeriaceae; Aphyllanthaceae; Asparagaceae; Asphodelaceae; Colchicaceae; Convallariaceae; Hemerocallidaceae; Hostaceae; Hyacinthaceae; Melanthiaceae; Ruscaceae; Smilacaceae; Tecophilaeacea; Xanthorrhoeaceae
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