Colchicum autumnale

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Noun1.Colchicum autumnale - bulbous autumn-flowering herb with white, purple or lavender-and-white flowersColchicum autumnale - bulbous autumn-flowering herb with white, purple or lavender-and-white flowers; native to western and central Europe
Colchicum, genus Colchicum - chiefly fall-blooming perennial cormous herbs; sometimes placed in family Colchicaceae
bulbous plant - plant growing from a bulb
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Commonly called autumn crocus and sometimes meadow saffron, Colchicum autumnale grows from corms (bulb-like structures that store food) and blooms in fall.
Colchicum autumnale, also known as naked ladies, is a lovely crocus-type bulb that will flower on bare stems in September, and I'm also planting some autumn-flowering Crocus speciosus.
But there could potentially be toxic plants around every corner, from monkshood and laburnum, to hemlock, aquilegia, autumn crocus (colchicum autumnale), lords-and-ladies and hellebores.
A WORD OF WARNING: Be aware of a saffron look-alike, 'Autumn Crocus' or 'Meadow Saffron' (Colchicum autumnale).
Kolsisin, Colchicum Autumnale bitkisinden ele edilmis enflamasyon karsiti etkisi olan dogal bir alkaloiddir.
Hemlock, aquilegia, autumn crocus (colchicum autumnale), laburnum and hellebores are all common plants, and all have different levels of toxicity.