Cold blood

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"I'm a cold-rife man by my nature; I have a cold blood, sir.
Proverbs are easily made in cold blood. But it can't be helped.
"I haven't got the grit to go there and look at a paper in cold blood," he told Anne.
For these reasons, the trade of a soldier is held the most honourable of all others; because a soldier is a YAHOO hired to kill, in cold blood, as many of his own species, who have never offended him, as possibly he can.
Granted that my fancy for Hetty was only a cloud of illusions, still I could not, within a few days of her sudden death, go in cold blood to take part in a grotesque and heathenish mummery over her coffin.
They now exclaimed against punishing in cold blood, and sang forth the praises of mercy and forgiveness.
But now I went to it in cold blood, and my heart often sickened at the work of my hands.
By murdering a large and respected family in cold blood and afterward depositing their bodies in the water companies' reservoir, you will gain much unpopularity in the neighborhood of your crime, and even robbing a church will get you cordially disliked, especially by the vicar.
But the things which one says naturally enough when the emotions provoke them sound crude enough in cold blood and colder daylight.
Harm that may come to the Gaza Arab youngsters at the fence serves Hamas as a propaganda and lawfare weapon against Israel, which is presented as Israel's killing youngsters in cold blood.
Picture Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had posted with his tweet showing his forces destroying the monument in Issawiyeh built in memory of a young Palestinian shot dead in cold blood by Israeli forces.
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