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Noun1.Coleonyx - banded geckosColeonyx - banded geckos        
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
banded gecko - any of several geckos with dark bands across the body and differing from typical geckos in having movable eyelids; of United States southwest and Florida Gulf Coast
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Other reptile species in the study area include Gambelia wislizenii, Coleonyx brevis, Phrynosoma cornutum, Apsidoscelis marmorata, Uta stansburiana, Masticophis flagellum, Rhynochelius lecontei, Pituophis catenifer, Thamnophis marcianus, and Crotalus scutulatus.
Although lizards are typically diurnal, the Texas banded gecko, Coleonyx brevis is nocturnal and occurs throughout BBNP at elevations above 1000 m (Punzo 1974).
Other important reptiles include the banded gecko (Coleonyx variegatus), which is nocturnal and can live in the driest deserts by sheltering underground or under stones, and the flat-toed gecko (Phyllodactylus xanti), which climbs unceasingly over the rocks.
The energetic costs of tail autotomy to reproduction in the lizard Coleonyx brevis (Sauria: Gekkonidae).
A phylogenetic analysis of physiological-ecological character evolution in the lizard genus Coleonyx and its implications for historical biogeographical reconstruction.
(1979) showed that the ability of the gecko, Coleonyx variegatus to learn a spatial reversal task was similar to that shown by birds.
Hyla regilla, Gambelia copei, Phrynosoma coronatum, Sceloporus zosteromus, Sceloporus occidentalis, Uta stansburiana, Coleonyx variegatus, Cnemidophorus tigris, Elgaria [cedrosensis.sup.*], Leptotyphlops humilis, Lichanura trivirgata, Chilomeniscus stramenius, Hypsiglena torquata, pituophis [insulanus.sup.*], Crotalus ruber.