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Adj.1.Coleridgian - of or relating to Samuel Taylor Coleridge or his writings
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Genuinely beautiful prose interspersed with humour, astute characterisation and careful plot development make this novel well worth reading especially since, to continue the Coleridgian quote with which I commenced this review, many parts of the novel 'constitute a moment of poetic truth.' We should be grateful that novelists such as Kadir, who care far more for literature and a serious display of literary talent than for the political sensationalism that underlies much of South Asian fiction, continue to give us many memorable moments of the type of fiction that really matters.
To examine Tolkien as a story-teller, Seeman uses his interpretation of "On Fairy-Stories" as a lens using what he calls "a more or less explicit Coleridgian hermeneutic" (74).
The author, a Coleridgian scholar, makes great use of the numerous illustrations (sixty-five in number of which forty are in colour) to introduce the poet, critic and controversialist to new readers.