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Noun1.Colin Powell - United States general who was the first African American to serve as chief of staff; later served as Secretary of State under President George W. Bush (born 1937)
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BIRTHDAYS: Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State, 81; Michael Moriarty, actor, 77; Jane Asher, actress/writer, 72; Agnetha Faltskog, singer (ABBA), 68; Pharrell Williams, singer, 45; John Hartson, former footballer.
Secretary of State Colin Powell in a biopic titled 'Powell'.
Emails leaked from former Secretary of State Colin Powell's private email account revealed the retired four-star general called Republican U.S.
Intertextuality and the 24-Hour News Cycle: A Day in the Rhetorical Life of Colin Powell's U.N.
Alumni House, a townhouse owned by City College in the Hamilton Heights Historic District, is top become part of the recently established Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership.
THIS is regarding John Sununu's remarks on Colin Powell's endorsement of President Obama:
It Worked for Me In Life and Leadership is packed with lessons and vivid experiences that shaped the career of general Colin Powell, and offers the 'Thirteen Rules' he's learned as a result of his leadership challenges both in the Army and in the White House.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- The world is fast changing for a better future with education, health, economic prosperity and freedom in decision-making overpowering political alienations and loyalties, said Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State.
Colin Powell, the former United States Secretary of State, gave it to Robin Cook, the [late] Foreign Secretary, but Robin didn't smoke so he passed it on to me.
Designer Colin Powell, 39, is one of three winners of the Benchmark creative challenge launched last year for members of the public to create a piece of street furniture.
Colin Powell, 36, of Latches Close, Darlaston, blackmailed the 71-yearold on three occasions, threatening to snatch his 61-year-old brother and pocketing pounds 400 to feed his pounds 80-a-day crack cocaine habit.
WHAT COLIN POWELL ALSO SAID (The Washington Post, Washington)