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n.1.(Anat.) A neck or cervix.
2.(Bot.) Same as Collar.
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We crossed the Rozario, which was deep and rapid, and passing the village of Colla, arrived at midday at Colonia del Sacramiento.
Tagliolini colla Crosta is particularly popular on Purim, when a section of the Torah portion of Beshalach is read that includes the story of God drowning the Egyptian Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea.
Vendimos la casa para cubrir la deuda del hospital y nos mudamos a un cuarto en la casa del colla Vargas, detras del almacen.
This idea is reinforced by image 272, in which two altiplano lords wearing tunics, one of them carrying truncated cone cap, the other hemispherical cap (9) and Colla insignias present offerings to a huaca located at the top of a mountain; the exceptional feature is that the deity wears the same clothing and insignia in the form of a chin adornment as the individuals making the offering (Figure 5a).
Still, Deflo's characterizations were strong, from the humorous if vocally monochrome Geronte de Revoir of Stephan Bronk to the ardent Des Grieux of La Colla, who, alongside Radvanovsky, deservedly won enthusiastic bravos.
20) MacDiarmid dedicated to Mac Colla the poem 'Coronach for the End of the World', which was written in 1933, only a year after the publication of Mac Colla's The Albannach, a novel praised by MacDiarmid as 'that remarkable study of our lost Gaelic background, which perhaps is the most radical product of the whole Scots Renaissance Movement to date.
The relevance of this issue is demonstrated by Colla, Ippolito, and Li (2012), who find that the variable "profitability" (which usually is negatively associated with total debt, in view of the hierarchy of sources theory) has a partially positive effect on bank debt.
Colla is a contemporary Italian composer about whom I happily confess to knowing nothing.
Tobias Adrian, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Paolo Colla, Universita Bocconi; and Hyun Song Shin, Princeton University and NBER, "Which Financial Frictions?
It was the first time in seven years that a Swiss film had been invited by Venice," says Colla.
MacMillan juxtaposes the masses with a chant-style narration of the story by a small group of voices, in this case the very fine young London-based Colla Voce Singers who get most of the work's most melodic passages in what, however, is an overly busy 'he said', 'they said', 'he said' recounting of the Gospel story.
Colla Sioned ei thymer gydag Eileen unwaith eto ond y tro hwn, mae Cadno yn dyst i ymddygiad ffiaidd Sioned ac yn mynnu atebion.