Collateral security

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security for the performance of covenants, or the payment of money, besides the principal security.

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DEAR SIR, - We notice that your account to-day stands 119,000 pounds overdrawn, against which we hold as collateral security shares in the Bekwando Land Company to the value of 150,000 pounds.
When the bank officials physically verified the mortgaged property, they found that the documents submitted by Reddy as collateral security were fake and fabricated.
SCBs have been mandated not to accept collateral security in the case of loans up to Rs.
The collateral security to be sold consists of numerous household goods, and other items of personal property including furniture, housewares, recreational goods, tools, appliances, and clothing.
The bonds can be used as a collateral security to obtain loans from any local licensed bank.
The bonds can be used as a collateral security to obtain loans from any local licensed bank and can also be traded at prevailing market rates through the Muscat Securities Market (MSM).
The notes will be received by a guarantee as to payment of principal and interest by Gaz Metro Limited Partnership, along with collateral security backed by the assets of GMi and Gaz Metro.
People with any disposable income and collateral security should keep this in mind.
Under this arrangement, a farmer with collateral security pays SDG (Sudanese Pounds) 3,000 and acquires a tractor, with a SDG 10,000 paid annually on installment basis.
It said that the new law could violate its rights over collateral security and impair its liquidity operations.
According to the company statement, no collateral security will be required on funding up to Rs 10 lakhs for cases done under CGTSME.
ATB's ratings are underpinned by the material improvement in the bank's capital adequacy, derived from the capital increases received in 2009 under the government assistance plan for banks, as well as through a rights issue of common shares, pro-active risk management and improved collateral security on its loans as well as its relatively contained exposure to Greek sovereign debt.