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 (sĭng′gyə-lā′tĭv, -lə-tĭv)
Of or relating to a linguistic form or construction that expresses a singular entity, often as opposed to a collective, such as rice-grain as opposed to rice.
A singulative form or construction.

[French singulatif, from Latin singillātim, singulātim, one at a time, singly, from singulus, single; see single.]
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"At higher level we have seen a welcome upturn in the collective number of passes for the sciences - something we have focused our efforts on for some time."
However, the federal and provincial governments have set a target to increase the collective number of physicians under human resource for health vision 2018-30 according to which some 3,14170 physicians would be added in the work force.
Now, the collective number had reduced to only 80,000 due to the extremely low gas pressure, which had caused huge financial losses to the industry.
It's just the collective number of acquittals and dismissals I've gotten in representing people in law enforcement and other legal fields.
However, last year's collective number of tourists shows a slight growth.
The number of Hindu voters before 2013 polls was 1.40m while total number of voters of minority communities was 2.77m - the former being higher than the collective number of all other minorities.
In a turn of events, the JD-S and Congress forge a post-poll alliance and got the support of one Independent MLA, taking their collective number to 117.
"Members were working under duress and fatigued but I don't think they realised the collective number of hours we had been short-changed.
Over the past 60 years, it is estimated that the collective number of walkers has reached more than 2 million.
"They immediately grasped from the very start that our collective number one priority is to build a skill that delivered both value and ease of use to Alexa customers.
"TwentyTwo Strings" refers to the collective number of resonant chords of a string quartet that includes guitar.

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