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In an effort help students prepare for college entrance exams this spring, Huntington Learning Center of Antioch, the premier tutoring and test prep program specializing in individualized tutoring and test preparation, is hosting a practice SAT for students on Saturday, March 17.
Chinese education authorities flew a drone over two testing centers in Luoyang, China, on Sunday in an effort to curb cheating on the National College Entrance Exams.
SATs and ACT are long-recognized college entrance exams which measure scholastic aptitude and achievement, respectively.
China's gruelling college entrance exams today (seep.
Zhan is one of millions of children whose parents belong to China's vast migrant workforce and are barred from taking senior high school or college entrance exams where they live by half-century old policies on household registration, or hukou.
The purpose of this study is to examine the biases inherent in standardized college entrance exams, their validity as predictors of college completion, the actual value of the information these test scores provide and corruption on the part of the testing organizations and the colleges and universities which require the exams.
Also a premier provider of Exam Prep Services-specifically SAT & ACT college entrance exams.
1 High School in Hubei province hooked up to IV drips of amino acids ahead of their all-important college entrance exams.
The hagwon schools gain importance for high school students when they are preparing for college entrance exams, and teens will sometimes stay studying until 9 p.
When Maine and Michigan both announced they would replace their high school exit exams with the SAT and the ACT, they joined a few other states that have already nixed their high school exit exams in favor of college entrance exams.
Students must consent to releasing their personal data when they take college entrance exams.
Companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review earned their reputations by helping students beat college entrance exams, but as this episode indicates, their programs for elementary and middle school tests--especially for kids who are lagging in school--seem to be different.

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