collegium musicum

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col•le•gi•um mu•si•cum

(kəˈli dʒi əm ˈmyu zɪ kəm, ˈmu-, -ˈlɛg i-)
a group of musicians who meet to study and perform chiefly old or little-known music.
[< New Latin: musical society]
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Gregory Butler's article, "The Choir Loft as Chamber: Concerted Movements by Bach from the Mid- to Late 1720s," further discusses the close interrelationships between the music Bach composed for the Collegium Musicum in Leipzig and the music he wrote (or rewrote) for his church services.
Our archival collections cover twenty-three major collections: congregational collections, collegium musicum collections and their subsequent community orchestra/band collections, and sixty-five personal collections of collectors, copyists, composers, and conductors.
The choir's title is nowadays far snappier than the one bestowed upon it - the Collegium Musicum Oxoniense - by its founder, the legendary choral conductor Laszlo Heltay in 1960.
Sergejs Jegers, countertenor, The Collegium Musicum Riga Baroque orchestra, Artistic director and conductor Maris Kupcs
Another fine Baroque cellist, Rebecca Rosen, provided excellent basso continuo support throughout the Collegium Musicum den Hg's concert on April 9, also in St.
In addition to his new role with the Woods Hole Cantata Consort, he is Artistic Director of the Sine Nomine Ensemble, Fall River; Resident Conductor of the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum; and Director of Music at Grace Episcopal Church, Newton, MA.
His repertoire ranged from the 9th through 20th centuries; the school chorus, chamber singers and collegium musicum appeared throughout Europe and released several recordings.
Hexham Collegium Musicum - flautist Brian Stewart, oboist Philip Cull and Ian Brunt on harpsichord and organ - will showcase the talents of leading Baroque composers in a programme entitled The True Music-Master.
He won the Leeds Conductors Competition at the age of 25 and has since gone on to conduct some of the world's best orchestras, including the Hall, English Northern Philharmonia, Deutsches Symphonie Orchester in Berlin and Collegium Musicum in Denmark.
The history behind the recital also explains why the PYO are joined by the Collegium Musicum Orchestra from the University of Bonn in Germany.
Hickox was musical director of Opera Australia, associate guest conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra, founder and music director of the City of London Sinfonia, co-director of the period instrument group Collegium Musicum 90 and conductor emeritus of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.
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