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 (sĭb′ər), Colley 1671-1757.
English playwright and theatrical manager who wrote comedies such as The Careless Husband (1704) and was appointed poet laureate in 1730. He was ridiculed by the great writers of the time, including Alexander Pope and Samuel Johnson.


(Biography) Colley (ˈkɒlɪ). 1671–1757, English actor and dramatist; poet laureate (1730–57)


(ˈsɪb ər)
Colley, 1671–1757, English actor and dramatist: poet laureate 1730–57.
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Which London theatre was managed by Colley Cibber, David Garrick and Richard Brinsley Sheridan?
Your lucky poet laureate is Colley Cibber (1730-1757).
Colley Cibber wrote that Elizabeth Barry, Betterton's great leading lady, had a "Voice full, clear, and strong, so that no Violence of Passion could be too much for her: and when Distress, or Tenderness possess'd her, she subsided into the most affecting Melody, and Softness" (95).
Part Two, "Afterlives," contains chapters that examine the performance of these boy characters in productions and adaptations of Shakespeare from Colley Cibber to Julie Taymor.
1668-1714), who, according to Colley Cibber (1671-1757), was "in some degree of Favour with the Publick.
Their personal quarrels, which spill into print, are notorious: Pope and Colley Cibber, Johnson and Lord Chesterfield, Ruskin and Whistler, Wells and Henry James, Wilson and Nabokov.
Her lively writing is full of humor and empathy for her subject, and she's not afraid to enliven it further with fictional touches--for example, imagining a performance of Fielding's Pasquin with Colley Cibber in the audience watching himself be lampooned.
Professor Stephanson's account of Pope's late, unsought conflict with Colley Cibber is especially good, sensitively evoking Pope's embarrassment at a personal medical condition (a strangury) being made known and mocked in print, and at his being ridiculed in the salacious disclosure of an earlier sexual misadventure.
In "Determination and Proof: Colley Cibber and the Materialization of Shakespeare's Richard III in the Twentieth Century" Gillian M.
See Colley Cibber, An Apology for the Lift of Colley Cibber, with an Historical View of the Stage During His Own Time, Written by Himself, ed.
These three actors ushered in various poets including Robert Southey and Colley Cibber and occasionally muttered their disbelief when unknown poets were flashed up ('Nahum Tate - never heard of him
Killigrew quickly became a bit player, so much so that Colley Cibber accused him of merely assisting in Collier's reformation of the stage.