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general store

A retail store, usually located in a rural community, that sells a wide variety of merchandise.
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gen′eral store′

a store, usu. in a rural area, that sells a wide variety of merchandise, as clothing, food, and hardware, but is not divided into departments.
[1825–35, Amer.]
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Noun1.general store - a retail store serving a sparsely populated regiongeneral store - a retail store serving a sparsely populated region; usually stocked with a wide variety of merchandise
mercantile establishment, outlet, retail store, sales outlet - a place of business for retailing goods
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مخْزَن عام
obchod se smíšeným zbožímobchodní dům
verslun; nÿlenduvöruverslun
çeşitli eşya mağazası


(ˈdʒenərəl) adjective
1. of, involving etc all, most or very many people, things etc. The general feeling is that he is stupid; His general knowledge is good although he is not good at mathematics.
2. covering a large number of cases. a general rule.
3. without details. I'll just give you a general idea of the plan.
4. (as part of an official title) chief. the Postmaster General.
in the British army, (a person of) the rank next below field marshal. General Smith.
ˈgeneralize, ˈgeneralise verb
1. to make a general rule etc that can be applied to many cases, based on a number of cases. He's trying to generalize from only two examples.
2. to talk (about something) in general terms. We should stop generalizing and discuss each problem separately.
ˌgeneraliˈzation, ˌgeneraliˈsation noun
ˈgenerally adverb
usually; by most people; on the whole. He is generally disliked; He generally wins.
General Certificate of EducationGCEgeneral election
an election in which the voters in every constituency are involved.
general practitionerGPgeneral store
a shop that sells a wide range of goods.
as a general rule
usually; in most cases. As a general rule, we don't employ unskilled workers.
in general
usually; in most cases; most of (a group of people etc). People in general were not very sympathetic; People were in general not very sympathetic.
the general public
the people of a town, country etc, considered as a group.
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Located in the city's Eixample district, Colmado MA*rria is a traditional delicatessen that offers visitors the very best of goods from the Catalan capital.
To win Martha over, Genaro enlists the help of his two friends, Chelo and Carlitos, who meanwhile have turned the colmado into an open nightclub, despite Genaro having banned music being played during his absence.
Gracias al buen hacer de Amparo Felipo y de Emilio Callado se ha colmado esta importante laguna y los lectores interesados podran manejar una util sintesis y un importante caudal de datos para entender mucho mejor la historia eclesiastica y universitaria de Valencia.
Seamus Mullen is an award-winning New York-based chef; owner of Tertulia, El Colmado, and El Colmado Butchery; and culinary director of Sea Containers restaurant at Mondrian London.
De las labores casi artesanales para la edicion y distribucion, de los primeros tiempos a la situacion de nuestros dias hay un trayecto colmado de peripecias, de desvelos y de satisfacciones.