Colobus guereza

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Noun1.Colobus guereza - a colobus monkey with a reddish brown coat and white silky fringes down both sides of the bodyColobus guereza - a colobus monkey with a reddish brown coat and white silky fringes down both sides of the body
colobus, colobus monkey - arboreal monkey of western and central Africa with long silky fur and reduced thumbs
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1978.Water-plant and soil consumption by guereza monkeys (Colobus guereza): a relationship with minerals and toxins in the diet?
(1988) and Johnston (1998), Finlay, James, and Maple (1988) used color slides of zebra, cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus), orangutans, lions, Colobus monkeys (Colobus guereza), gorillas, Oryx antelope (Oryx beisa), and chimpanzees in their study because of the availability of such species, similarity to one another (e.g., orangutans, gorillas, and chimps), and use in previous zoo-related studies.
samples Species (common name) SIV lineage SIV+ SIV- Pan troglodytes troglodytes SIVcpzPtt 2 1 (west central chimpanzee) Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii SIVcpzPts 1 NA (eastern chimpanzee) Cercopithecus nictitans (greater SIVgsn 6 45 spot-nosed monkey) Cercopithecus cephus SIVmus 7 30 (mustached monkey) Cercopithecus mona (Mona SIVmon NA 1 monkey) Miopithecus ogouensis SIVtal 1 6 (northern talapoin) Cercopithecus neglectus (De SIVdeb 7 1 Brazza monkey) Cercocebus torquatus (red-capped SIVrcm 4 NA mangabey) Chlorocebus tantalus (African SIVagm 1 NA green monkey) Mandrillus sphinx (mandrill) SIVmnd-2 10 2 Colobus guereza (mantled SIVcol 10 7 guereza) Total 49 93 * SIV, simian immunodefiency virus; NA, none available.