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Col´o`ny count`er

    (kǒl´ô`nŷ kount´ẽr)
n.1.(Microbiology) an instrument designed to conveniently count or assist counting colonies{9} of microorganisms on a plate containing a gelled growth medium. One variety uses a pencil-like rod with a metal tip, which is connected by an electrical connection to the gelled growth medium; when touched to a colony{9} on the plate, the completion of the electrical circuit causes an increment of 1 unit on the readout of the colony counter.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Colony counters (Fisher Scientific brand, model F22 0360/10R) were used to measure the colony forming units (CFU) present on each agar plate (Figure 7).
Automated colony counters range from professional models costing thousands of dollars to phone apps costing under $100.
The laboratory instruments are further categorized into anaerobic gas systems, automated gram stainers, automated petri dish fillers, autoclave sterilizers, bacterial colony counters, incubators, microbial air samplers, and other laboratory instruments; whereas the microbiology analyzers are further categorized into mass spectrometers, microscopes, and molecular diagnostics instruments.
Martin continued: “Being able to accurately enumerate so many types of colonies on different agars is a task very few automated colony counters can perform well and this study validates the ProtoCOL 3's versatility for this application.
They are also suited for OEM life science instrumentation, such as gel and blot imagers, real-time PCR systems, cytometers, colony counters, microplate readers, gene array readers, ELSD detectors for HPLC and label-free systems using Surface Plasmon Resonance.
Exclusive UK distributor Don Whitley Scientific has launched the AES Chemunex Smasher laboratory blender, completing the DWS sample preparation range that includes the WASP spiral plater, Dilumat gravimetric diluter and automatic colony counters.
Synbiosis, manufacturers of automated colony counters, recently installed a ProtoCOL RGB system at Oxoid's UK-based R&D and QC laboratories.
There are many types of automatic colony counters (ACC) geared for a range of applications.