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Noun1.Massachusetts Bay Colony - one of the British colonies that formed the United StatesMassachusetts Bay Colony - one of the British colonies that formed the United States
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Synopsis: Mary Dyer is a seventeenth-century Puritan who flees persecution in England, only to find the colony of Massachusetts Bay as dangerous as the country she left behind.
Yet from the beginning, the Pilgrim colony at Plymouth and the later Puritan colony of Massachusetts Bay were divided over matters of faith.
also possessed some information as to the contents of the Records of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, and this carries with it a presumption of knowledge of the Plymouth Records.
63) Alexander Young (ed), Chronicles of the First Planters of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay (Charles C Little and James Brown, 1846), 272; Winthrop, The Winthrop Papers, Allyn B Forbes et al (eds) (Merrymount Press, 1931) vol 2, 114-115.
In 1660, the royal colony of Massachusetts Bay set aside Quaboag Plantation, a huge tract of land including what is now all the Brookfields and part of what is now Warren.

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