Colorado group

Col`o`ra´do group

1.(Geol.) A subdivision of the cretaceous formation of western North America, especially developed in Colorado and the upper Missouri region.
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In their earlier work, the Colorado group observed a significant drawback of their ultracold potassium rubidium molecules: They were chemically reactive, and essentially came apart when they collided with other molecules.
OneRepublic Love Runs Out THE Colorado group go for big chorus, 80s-style soul-rock reminiscent of Simply Red, complete with claps.
The energy of the Colorado group was infectious, especially when some band members decided to play among the crowd.
Our donation will provide the American Red Cross with additional resources to help Colorado families during their time of need," said Donna Lynne, DrPH, Kaiser Permanente Colorado Group President.
Moreover, if implemented, the planned consolidation might be a blueprint or business model for mergers of other leagues in the Mountain States, though there have been no discussions with those boards, said Michael Williams, chairman of the Colorado group and president/CEO of Colorado CU of Littleton.
Some opponents of the project, led by a Colorado group called Rags Over the Arkansas River, have scathingly dismissed Christo's vision - in general and in detail - as pompous pseudo-art.
The Colorado group had spent the previous day touring wine country in Napa Valley on a sun-drenched October day, part of their reward for their businesses being named a Top Company winner by ColoradoBiz.
Surfing on snow now appeals to everyone from baby boomers to mini-van moms, so it's only natural that a Colorado group would find a way to use the sport to teach life lessons to underprivileged teenagers.
Without this funding, many parts of the rural West will be relegated to the 'Information Dirt Road'," says Greg Walcher, president of Club 20, a western Colorado group focused on rural economic affairs.
The Colorado group that promoted the state's anti-gay initiative has found a new crusade: pushing a school board policy that promotes "abstinence and traditional marriage" and condemns "promiscuity.
The Colorado group is just a small part of "Abolition 2000," an international campaign founded last year that already has more than 300 citizen groups behind it.
In the same year, at ASCO, the Colorado group showed that the first site of cancer progression on crizotinib occurs in the brain in nearly 50% of ALK positive patients.
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