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n.1.A vender of paints, etc.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I felt that I could; and left him for the nearest colorman's.
To the colorman? He doesn't live in the Strand, I hope--or near one of the bridges.
In his version, a gnomelike man known as "the Colorman," a supplier of pigments, steps out of the field and demands a painting from van Gogh; after arguing, the Colorman's revolver goes off and Van Gogh later dies.
When newspaper publisher, Herold Druck in Vienna installed a MAN Roland Colorman Press, the only newspaper press in the world to date that prints newspapers and magazines at 11 meters per second, it turned to Sun Chemical to pioneer a new UV formula that prints at more than twice the web speed of conventional UV inks on newspaper presses.
of Westmont, Ill., provided the 10 new ColorMAN towers, the first sold in the United States and Masthead International Inc.
Scruggs/ TV Colorman / Governor Ed Dixon Angel Terri Dixon Melvin P.
For manroland web systems, there could be no better success story--the company's latest, premium printing system for long print runs, the COLORMAN e:line, was installed in its first shop earlier this year, and has since brought huge gains for the printer, Allgauer Zeitungsverlag in Kempten, Germany.
In order to meet this goal, the Finnish company will use a new COLORMAN autoprint from manroland web systems.
One of its six manroland Colorman newspaper presses has been equipped with this Kodak imprinting system, which can deliver consistently high quality with 600 x 200 dpi resolution at web speeds approaching 3,000 fpm (almost 50 ft./ see.).
The latest member of manroland's newspaper press line, the COLORMAN e:line, is a featured product at the show.
The AccuCam systems will be installed on 25 towers of the plant's five manroland COLORMAN XXL presses.