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A surface-active agent, C20H37O7S, given orally in the form of its sodium salt, that decreases surface tension in the intestinal tract and acts as a stool softener.

[d(i)- + oc(tyl), radical containing eight carbon atoms (oct(o)- + -yl) + -sate (shortening of sulfosuccinate, one of its constituents : sulfo- + succinate).]
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Table 4 Number of subjects using different types of laxatives Prescribed Over the counter Metamucil 0 2 Senakot 0 2 Durolax 0 4 Agarol 1 3 NuLax 0 2 Coloxyl 2 0 Alvacol 1 0 Epsom Salts 0 1 Golytely 1 0 Table 5 Mean daily consumption of serves of cereals, vegetables and fruits in constipated and not-constipated male subjects (n = daily) Number of serves Cereals Vegetables Fruit Male subjects 3.