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Noun1.Coffey still - a still consisting of an apparatus for the fractional distillation of ethanol from fermentation on an industrial scale
distillery, still - a plant and works where alcoholic drinks are made by distillation
still - an apparatus used for the distillation of liquids; consists of a vessel in which a substance is vaporized by heat and a condenser where the vapor is condensed
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While el Jimador is also distilled in a column still, Herradura is pot distilled.
Production revved up with the column still's invention in 1832, and the London dry style was developed later in the 19th century.
Grain whisky may contain unmalted barley or other malted or unmalted grains such as wheat and maize (corn) and is typically distilled in a continuous column still, known as a Patent or Coffey still.
With the introduction of the column still, however, the English created a clear, bright high-proof distillate made mostly of corn, and added flavors from a wide range of herbs and spices.
Don Facundo invented this more approachable style by installing Cuba's first column still. Until 1862, all rums had been distilled in small copper pot stills that produced heavy rums.
While commercial facilities often ferment in stainless steel tanks with cultivated yeasts and distill in column stills, craft producers use more archaic methods.
Single grain: Made from a different type of grain, usually corn or wheat, in 30ft-high column stills using a process of continuous distillation.
Distillation can and does take place in column stills, and producers in Chile are allowed to add water to bring the pisco down to bottle strength.
Large-scale rectifiers used new column stills to mass-produce alcohol, which was turned into cheap "whiskey" not by aging but by color and flavor additives, including brown sugar and prune juice.
By the Ken "Irish whiskey is a mix of grains and it's partly made in pot stills but mainly in column stills.
Their shapes (and the whisky's end-result) differ whether they are patent stills, Coffey stills, Lomond stills, pot stills, column stills, continuous stills or Irish stills.