Coma Berenices

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Co·ma Ber·e·ni·ces

 (kō′mə bĕr′ə-nī′sēz′)
A constellation in the northern sky near Boötes and Leo that contains a prominent cluster of galaxies and the north pole of the Milky Way. Also called Berenice's Hair.

[New Latin Coma Berenicēs, Berenice's hair : Latin coma, hair + Latin Berenicēs, genitive of Berenicē, Berenice (a queen of Egypt who promised her hair to Venus).]

Coma Berenices

(ˈkəʊmə ˌbɛrɪˈnaɪsiːz)
n, Latin genitive Comae Berenices (ˈkəʊmiː)
(Astronomy) a faint constellation in the N hemisphere between Ursa Major and Boötes containing the Coma Cluster a cluster of approximately 1000 galaxies, at a mean distance of 300 million light years
[from Latin, literally: Berenice's hair, named after Berenice (died 221 bc), consort of Ptolemy III]
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Noun1.Coma Berenices - a constellation in the northern hemisphere between Ursa Major and Bootes; contains a cluster of some 10,000 galaxies