a.1.(Bot.) Pectinate.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The honey comb-shaped glass jar highlights the honey color of the product and contains a magnetic lid that holds the steel spatula to the wooden lid.
Thus, each layer (lamella) has a thickness of 8 mm in rack-cornice block and 5 mm in comb-shaped node.
Making split-second adjustments with its comb-shaped monocrystalline silicon MEMS, SmartSensor achieves full three-axis image stabilization in a mere 15 milliseconds.
In a Saw sensor, the surface waves are produced by passing an alternating voltage across the terminals of two interleaved comb-shaped arrays, laid onto one end of a piezoelectric substrate.
The utility has also proposed building frozen walls -- upside down comb-shaped sticks that refrigerate surrounding soil -- into the ground around the reactor areas, but that still has to be tested and won't be ready until 2015 if proved successful.
However, several comb-shaped pendants with open-work upper part have been found in Rouge as well as elsewhere in south-eastern Estonia and comparing their ornamentation with the object under study here reveals that in its first life this object must have been a comb-shaped pendant with open-work upper part (Fig.
Various dendritic polymers with star- and comb-shaped structures have been produced using anionic and radical polymerization techniques.
The new Curing Monitor Device (CMD) consists of comb-shaped electrodes on a circuit board, forming a plane capacitor.
For installation in an induction crucible furnace, the measuring electrodes are integrated into a sensor mat (electrode plate) as two engaging comb-shaped electrodes.
Cholesteric side chain (comb-shaped) polymers were synthesized for the first time about twenty years ago (1-6).