Combination car

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a railroad car containing two or more compartments used for different purposes.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Mothercare Madrid combination car seat, was [pounds sterling]100 now [pounds sterling]50
Dan White, events coordinator for the Wings and Wheels Festival, a combination car show, carnival and commemoration of Clyde Pangborn's 1931 historic trans-Pacific air flight in the Miss Veedol, said the cost-benefit formula can be worked out to see if the effort is paying off.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Combination Car Seat ($149.99).
Working in between naps and after everyone in the family was down for the night, she designed, cut and produced the prototypes for an innovative combination Car Seat and Stroller Canopy that could be used from birth to four years old - a major leap in the usability and convenience of any such product in the market.
"Combination car safety seats" face forward, and can use a harness-type system for younger kids, changing over to a booster-style when the children are older.
Officer Angela Hewitt Tilston''s child safety seat fitted properly at a recent You can, however, buy combination car seats which start off facing backwards but can be converted to a forward-facing seat as your child grows.
Manufacturers such as Toyota, have come up with a combination of petrol and electric driven cars for several years, but French manufacturer Peugeot has gone one step further and produced the first diesel-electric combination car.
Rear and forward-facing combination car seat suitable from birth.
A combination car and pickup truck is something that hasn't been done in the marketplace in years and years.
This self-supporting cover fits infant carrier/car seats, combination car seat/strollers, and most automatic swings and bouncers without obstructing carrying handles.
Today it's a combination car park, cycle path and pot-holed walkway, gone forever while other cities like Birmingham (favourite for ECoC) capitalise on canals they had the sense to hang on to and which are now powerful parts of their tourism programmes.