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All these factors are projected to combinedly boost the expansion of the regional market over the assessment period.
This is a pilot study which assesses PIMs specifically in elderly and is also the first study conducted at a local community level in Pakistan by using two explicit criteria combinedly i.e.
We introduce the following three theories that combinedly illustrate the effects of livelihood capital and income from participation in the forest carbon sequestration project.
An official source told reporter that the operation initiated combinedly by the NHA and Motorway Police was completed after a hectic week.
Rashda Niazi from UNODC combinedly informed media that the training has 9 curriculums, and at the moment we are starting with the first two'.
It is worth mentioning that multiple complementary methods are more and more often combinedly employed by researchers in order to acquire a multiscale and more comprehensive in-depth information of the pore structure of various types of reservoir rocks [19, 27, 28].
The amorphous nature of the polymers can be well attributed due to presence of flexible ether linkages (-O-) and trifluoromethyl groups (-C[F.sub.3]), which combinedly disrupt the polymer chain packing [25, 43, 46].
Australia, china and India combinedly have a market share of only 10% (Rath, 2003).
obtusata may be a great natural source for the establishment of new agents in combating age-related neurodegenerative diseases like DM and AD combinedly.
Results: The vaccine WR for oral polio vaccine (OPV) has decreased from 25% to 13.62%, while the WRs for DPT, hepatitis B virus (HBV) and the pentavalent vaccine combinedly have decreased from 17.94% to 8.05%.
If we consider their performances combinedly then they have strengths a/[a+b], and b/[a+b] respectively.