Combretum erythrophyllum

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Noun1.Combretum erythrophyllum - small South African tree having creamy yellow fragrant flowers usually growing on stream banks
genus Combretum - type genus of the Combretaceae: tropical and subtropical small shrubs and trees
angiospermous tree, flowering tree - any tree having seeds and ovules contained in the ovary
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These compounds have been identified for the first time in Baccharis obtusifolia, but they have been reported in other species: compound 1 in Chromolaena subscandens [14], Trixis vauthieri [15], and Trigona spinipes [16] and compound 2 in Baccharis polycephala [4], Thymus vulgaris [9], Combretum erythrophyllum [17], Kaempferia parviflora [18], and Boesenbergia pandurata [19].
Piliostigma thonningii, Vangueria infausta, Ziziphus mucronata, Combretum apiculatum, Pseudolachnostylis maprouneifolia, and Combretum molle were preferred during the dry season, whereas Flueggea virosa, Olea africana, Combretum erythrophyllum, Combretum hereroense, Combretum imberbe, and Ziziphus mucronata were preferred in the wet season.
Leaves of Acacia karroo, Combretum erythrophyllum (Burch.) Sond., Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers., and Diospyros lycioides Desf.