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also Com·mines  (kô-mēn′), Philippe de 1447?-1511.
French diplomat, political adviser, and historian whose Mémoires (1524) are among the most perceptive historical documents of the Middle Ages.


(French kɔmin) or


(Biography) Philippe de (filip də). ?1447–?1511, French diplomat and historian, noted for his Mémoires (1489–98)


or Com•mines


Philippe de, 1445?–1511?, French historian and diplomat.
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* Guillaume Rotative (Comines, France) has ordered the OuadTech ICON product platform, Register Guidance System with MultiCam, Ribbon Control System with MultiCam, Color Control System with Instrument Flight and SpectralCam, and Data Central Reporting with Color Print Curve Production Summary Report capability.
Packaging equipment supplier Sierem, Comines, France, is now offering a stacker system available with two or three pushers for production speeds up to 1000 units per minute and up to 100 ejections per minute.
Sierem S.A., Comines, France, is offering its customers packaging line configurations for baby diapers and incontinence products that include the company's stacker connected to its own fully automatic packaging machine for pre-made bags (wicket conveyor) or bags from a tube roll, for which it can process up to 45 bags per minute.
According to Philippe Fortier, commercial department, Sierem S.A., Comines, France, "When customers call us, the first requirement they want is speed.