Coming in

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Entrance; entrance way; manner of entering; beginning.
Income or revenue.
- Ezek. xliii. 11

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Coming in with rich operational and staff experience over a career spanning more than three decades, Lanba has served as Navigating Officer of corvette INS Sindhudurg and frigate INS Dunagiri.
In the coming years the company will add a Mercury version of the Freestyle, Five Mazda6-based vehicles (the larger Lincoln Aviator/Ford Edge/Mercury-to-be-named-later, and only slightly smaller replacements for the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner), and a "sport wagon" version of the B-class car coming in a year or two.
WITH TEAMS JUMPING every which way, pant sizes fluctuating wildly, and competition coming in the until-now-unheard-of form of eight dollar swap-meet Wet Willys that fell off the back of the last shipment from China, a hardcore skateboard company has to be on its fuckin' toes to keep its head above water.