Coming in

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Entrance; entrance way; manner of entering; beginning.
Income or revenue.
- Ezek. xliii. 11

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References in classic literature ?
Though, if Professor Bumper has his way, the idol will be coming out instead of coming in.
We can't have technicians coming in to repair, when in action.
In the coming years the company will add a Mercury version of the Freestyle, Five Mazda6-based vehicles (the larger Lincoln Aviator/Ford Edge/Mercury-to-be-named-later, and only slightly smaller replacements for the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner), and a "sport wagon" version of the B-class car coming in a year or two.
WITH TEAMS JUMPING every which way, pant sizes fluctuating wildly, and competition coming in the until-now-unheard-of form of eight dollar swap-meet Wet Willys that fell off the back of the last shipment from China, a hardcore skateboard company has to be on its fuckin' toes to keep its head above water.