Commissaire Maigret

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Noun1.Commissaire Maigret - a fictional detective in novels by Georges Simenon
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Georges Simenon wrote 75 crime novels and 28 short stories about Commissaire Maigret, published between 1931 and 1972.
The late mystery novelist Georges Simenon, best known for his fictional pipe-smoking invention police detective Commissaire Maigret, will be celebrated at the Remakes Market.
Although Simenon intended to abandon the detective novels in favor of more serious works, their popularity was so considerable that he returned to them repeatedly and, over the years, wrote more than one hundred novels and short stories featuring Commissaire Maigret, often experimenting with situations and themes--paternity, alcoholism, passion, madness, suicide, old age, humiliation, degradation, solitude, exile, and the futility of flight--that he would reuse later in his other fiction.

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