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Ye may like work better nor play, but I like play better nor work; that'll 'commodate ye--it laves ye th' more to do."
Suppose Marks and I have taken up the catchin' trade, jest to 'commodate gentlemen like you, and get nothin' for ourselves?--Not by a long chalk!
An' I gev five-an'-eightpence for that piece o' net,--if I was to tell y' anything else I should be tellin' you fibs,--an' five-an'-eightpence I shall ask of it, not a penny more, for it's a woman's article, an' I like to 'commodate the women.
"I just think it's too much, the country cannot ac- commodate that in the annual budget, so unless they want to sell some other state assets, in my view they have to revise this whole thing.
The designers even dropped the concrete deck closer to the surface of the water to ac commodate shrimpers using long-handle dip nets, the most popular method.
These are, generically, called, creditor and debtor, but in some varieties of civil obligations, they receive specific names, such as, for example: seller, buyer, lessor, lessee, principal, authorized agent, donor, donee, lender in a commodate, commodater, etc.
1322/November 2, 2006 (51), the object of taking over a practice is the professional patrimony by appropriation and the takeover means can be: sale, exchange, donation, will, rental, commodate, usufruct, share capital contribution.
Agencies may need to change their business models to ac- commodate these changes."
Notes in the respective real property registry record may be made on the following legal facts: purchase-sale agreement, exchange agreement, donation agreement, tenancy agreement, commodate contract, mortgage, life annuity contract, common joint ownership, property rights restrictions to immovable property provided in contracts, other juridical facts as it is provided by law (LR nekilnojamojo ...
"We can only accommodate 450 exhibitors as that is the maximum number of exhibitors that we can ac commodate at this point in time.
One of the biggest challenges, Palmatier says, is the large open spans designed to accommodate commodate games.
Providing quick-connect performance and the ability to ac commodate multiple fitting styles and thicknesses, these flange connectors offer users a wide range of benefits.